BIBLE STUDY: Letter to a 13-Year Old Asking How to Go Deeper in Bible Study

This I exceptional. Shared From Walking With My Saviour Christ….Good Morning Girls UK

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  1. freespirit says:

    When i read this it sent a shudder down my spine it is so good to know that young people want to know more about the greatest book ever written.

    1. I loved it when I first saw it as well. I am delighted at the response I am getting from everyone with the Bible Series I posts. I have a couple of them going on now and still some want more.
      Sorry, I haven’t been around, We are busy at the park. This is our busiest time of year.
      My laptop , where I do Most of my work, crashed and burned and I can only sit at this desk top for short periods. Then as if that is not enough…The internet keeps getting slower.
      Here’s praying you are doing good.
      I have a lot of catching up to do. Love Sarah

      1. freespirit says:

        0h i am sorry for your troubles may god bless you and put things back on track and we see more of you.X

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