Happy New Year’s Eve 2015

I am finally having the New Year’s Eve Night I have longed for with Danny. US. No Distractions other than what we are doing. Family time with the cat and the rabbit. Awesome snacks and oyster stew. I am even having a bit of wine. Here’s to a Happy New Year- 2016. Love Sarah

Advent Calendar Overview

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Advent Calendar Overview For the first 24 days of December 2015, my blog was turned into a multi-contributor Advent Calendar. It was definitely something fun, even though I realised that doing such a dense series takes a lot of time. I actually did far less writing than I had thought,…

Happy New Year !!!

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? I am always excited about a new year !! There is nothing more promising then a fresh start, and the new year is the big one , the biggest fresh start we get, once every 52 weeks. The newness of the fresh year passes quickly as…


I never thought about it. Not once until around 2:30 AM this morning. When I realized it was already past midnight, I didn’t do anything. That has NEVER happened to me. Normally, I would have scrambled to at least write THIS post then. Danny was off. We were enjoying our TIME together. Picking UP FOOD TO CELEBRATE New…

Our Christmas Presents Came Today

Next Post I will finally share what Danny and I got for Christmas. He’s off today and we have just been enjoying other. Update SOON.

Why I Get Nothing For Christmas – #coping #gifts #life #peace

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? About this time every year my friends and family will always ask me a variation of the same question; which is “What did you get for Xmas [substitute any occasion]?… Something nice…?” In the past I have always smiled and wondered, nervously, what to answer. It has never occurred to…

It’s Official: We No Longer Own The RV

We got the rest of the money today for the sale of our RV. The home we lived for 5 plus years. I was a little SAD YET Relieved because we really couldn’t afford to fix it up to live in once again. There is a YOUNG Couple and a BABY moving in as soon…

Merry Christmas From The Holt’s

Merry Christmas from Danny and I. We have had a really good couple of days. Danny’s had to work. I stayed HOME both days. A first for me on Christmas. I am in a good place right now. For this MOMENT, life is good. I am happier than I have been in while. It helps…

Merry Christmas From Our Neck Of The Woods

This has been a week of EXTREME HIGHS AND LOWS. I am still wrapping my head around the EVENTS that have taken place. I am FINALLY FEELING THE SPIRIT OF THIS BEAUTIFUL  ADVENT NOW CHRISTMAS SEASON. SO IS DANNY. (Sort of.) He is relieved , as I am that some of our WORRIES are over….

Dressing For Christ

Romans 13:14 – Clothe yourself with the presence of the Lord Jesus ChristClick to read the full Advent devotional. Source: Dressing For Christ

FAMILY: The Joy of Christmas

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When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy. — Matthew 2:10 Every year people write me saying how much they dread Christmas. Often their complaint stems from how busy they will be, or how much money they will spend. Did those wise men who journeyed…

POWER THOUGHTS: Be a Yoda, Not a Grinch

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In the next seven days, Star Wars and Christmas return, and for many, it may feel like almost too much to handle. December’s already the most anticipated month of the year with the first snowfall, the days off from work, and the time with friends and family celebrating…

December, 20

Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus. Romans 15:5 (Quilt: Jeweller’s Showcase) Source: December, 20

Welcome to my Caravansary!

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I am so excited to inform you about the complete makeover of my blog “Twentieth Century Diaries”!! And this is how I have re-conceived it: WELCOME TO MY CARAVANSARY! A coffee room for all those travelers out there who are in quest of goodness; for seekers, who hunger…

Hello And How Are You?

Internet is working …At the moment. Slow but steady. For now . WordPress WAS doing better for awhile. I managed to get on and comment for about a half an hour. As Of an hour ago, I was able to get on my DASHBOARD. It has been hit and miss here. The park is BUSY…