Just For Me -My Time

  Something That Is Just For Me.

I have 2 things that are just for me. One are MY PERSONAL JOURNALS.
In them I can Write Whatever I want to. I don’t have to smile or pretend. I can get as angry as I want to.
Usually though, I am somewhere in between the anger and the happy.
What I write in my journals ARE Private. For me Only.
If Danny were to ask to read them: I would let him.
Part of me wishes he would ask.
Yet, knowing that he never will does make it easier to write the way I do.

Most people have their Journals.

What is the one other thing I do that is for me alone?

I drink Chai Latte Or another Favorite TEA  while I am watching  a movie or a series that I have been saving to watch alone.
My Quiet Time.

What Series Am I Watching Now? – UPDATE; I JUST FINISHED THIS SERIES. It took some getting use to the SECOND Season and ALL of the changes. The ending was awesome.
I am glad the ”DOWNSTAIRS” Staff all stayed the same.

The Grand Hotel. Grand

The series, scripted by Russell T. Davies, is set in an upscale 1920s Manchester hotel run by the Bannerman family. It is the exclusive inheritance of the eldest son, John Bannerman, a stiff upper lip character as played by Michael Siberry. He has taken loans to invest in an upgrade but in the first chapter the accountant, who has speculated and lost the assets, commits suicide.

The philandering, smarmy younger brother Marcus, played with slick malevolence by the spot on Mark McGann, offers to sell off holdings in slum property to buy in as full partner and save the hotel. But it ensues that he has deeper, more twisted ambitions and sibling rivalry. Which entails gradually seducing his brother’s wife Sarah. She is played with cool conviction by Julia St. John.
Image result for Photos oF Chai Latte

We see what happens when women marry for position and security rather than love. That passion has to go somewhere. Men have their clubs and tarts while women are expected to suffer in silence and stand by their husbands and families. It’s no big deal when men fool around but the Fall of the British Empire when women hit the sheets.
I also watched :

In the spring of 1957, newly minted midwife Jenny Lee arrives in the East End of London to begin her career. After overcoming the initial shock that her new home, Nonnatus House, is a convent and not a private hospital, she quickly becomes immersed in her new life. Living with nuns and working in a community of colorful characters are different from anything Jenny has previously encountered. Through her, experience the sorrows and joys that come with being a midwife
I haven’t seen anything after Jenny Left for good.
Season 1: Episode 1

Image result for Downton Abbey and Drinking Tea

It is the one of the very few things I do for myself.
It’s my quiet time

My favorite time to drink it is when I am watching
Downton Abbey.
Another quiet time I don’t have to share.

I enjoy those quiet moments.

 I Love High Teas. 

I want to watch THIS: Photo Gallery
Two of My Favorite People:

Bruce Boxleitner and Lindsey Wagner

And I can’t wait to watch the REST Of Cedar Cove

Image result for Cedar Cove Cover

Photo Credit: Crown Media Inc./Katie Yu

The Ironic thing is:
I seldom watch TV or Movies But when I do it is usually a Marathon of Them.

3 Series that I couldn’t get enough of last year were:

All Saints: I loved it. Especially the first few years.
I couldn’t stop watching it. All 12 years in a few months.

All Saints

Packed To The Rafters

My Favorite Was McLeod’s Daughters.

My Heart Is Like A River
Danny and I.

What did they all have in common?
Romance and Family.

What do you like to watch?

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  1. belinda o says:

    You’ve probably figured out by now I love those classic movies — they are far more contemporary than people give them credit for, and the detail the directors worked into some of them astounds me. Nothing like a long afternoon with my knitting and good viewing.

    1. They really DO Not make movies like they use to.
      How are you doing? I have been so much since our internet keeps going out. Then WordPress isn’t helping. I haven’t been able to do much with it as far as posting goes. It has been messed up for almost 2 weeks.

      1. belinda o says:

        Doing okay, life is crazy right now but then, when isn’t it? Going to Mayo Clinic in January for some testing for mystery symptoms…dumtum dumtum

  2. yhealthy2000 says:

    You have lots of shows to watch:). I just don’t take the time out for it. Some day:).

    1. I watched everything on those episodes that I can get for free.
      I go months without watching anything.
      We seldom watch TV. Antenna hasn’t even been hooked back up inside after the SUMMER STORMS.

      1. yhealthy2000 says:

        That’s a good way to watch…

        1. I seldom just watch a single episode of anything. Except Downton Abbey. LOL

  3. Erika Kind says:

    Ohhh, I love teas too and my favorite definitely is a Chai Latte!!!

    1. I miss having a cabinet full of teas and lattes. I actually ran out this past month. I have to drink herbal ones as much as possible. The tannin in regular tea is bad for my one working kidney.
      Now that fall is here and I am At least thinking about it being cooler, I am craving it more and more.
      I love making my own when I can.
      Hugs Erika.

      1. Erika Kind says:

        Oh, that is hard! I love tea too in any way and I understand. But I am sure making your own tea is wonderful and you know what you are drinking!

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