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1175501481I love this. written By Ann Voskamp Shared by Hugs and Blessings. we have Just finished Week One of our 4 Weeks of Advent.
Danny is participating more than he ever has.
I wish I could have afford the little gifts for each day like I did in the past.
I would Love to have Ann’s The Greatest Gift for me to read. I am needing SOMETHIG,,,,,I also would love her Unwrapping The Greatest Gift. Making the ornaments since we have so few and none really special except for the one a special little girl made for Danny and I last year.
This season is a happy one…..I haven’t had the joyous ones that I remember…..Bobby died before Danny and I could have one with him.
I am taking TINE for me this month…As much as I can with the park being so busy.
I am just NOT there as much….
I NEEDED to work through some things…I wanted to really celebrate

Advent Series Good Morning GirlsAdvent again. Looking for the JOY……
Maybe it is a good thing that the laptop crashed a few weeks ago. It is working but not well all the time.
Our internet is just NOT going to get any better….
Working with WordPress to get this site working again for me. All the way working…All the time….
ANYWWAY: The time off the internet has allowed me to really Dig into MY Bible Studies… My Advent series. All of it.
That part has been awesome.
It helped that my NEW Study Bible came this week. All I had here was my OLD KJV and I don’t write it in. It was given to me after OUR HOUSE FIRE in 1975…By Bobby’s Biological father of all people…Long before we started dating.
Amy Grant
Listening To Christmas Music this month.
I am rambling.
The only thing missing on the STUDY BIBLE is room for my writings….
I got the Bible in trade for a REVIEW. A Beautiful Hard Bound edition.
I will upload pics when I can….
I am looking FORWARD to my birthday December 11….Danny has something PLANNED.
Not for US or for me. Work Yes.. US? NO. So this is special. Really special.
Happy Sunday. I am going to try and add photos to this as well.
I say try because I never know if WP will let me each time.
Have a great day.
Love Sarah
I could ADD Pics but NOT TAG ETC.

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  1. Dawn Marie says:

    thank you kindly for the reblog! I was tickled to read the thoughts it inspired in you. May your Advent become filled with light, love, and inspiration! Hugs1

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