8 Things To Do On Christmas Eve

From Sarah;
I gave up MOST of my Christmas Traditions when  Danny and I got together. And made new ones. Or I’ve tried to.
One thing I INSIST on is his asking Off From 3:30 Christmas Eve till Christmas Morning. He will work his normal day but leaves as soon as he can that afternoon. NO WORKING LATE FIELD.
Danny enjoys knowing he/we will not be running day use people out of the park at closing time THAT NIGHT.
Emergencies don’t count.

The hardest thing to get use to when he started at the park was it being  opened 365 days a year.
I had been a teacher. We were ALWAYS OFF Christmas EVE and Christmas DAY.


“Tradition says that everyone puts out cookies and milk for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Do you?

We have a Cookies for Santa plate and a Carrots for the Reindeer plate, but we don’t usually remember to put them out.

Sacrilege, right?!

We just forget because we have other fun things going on.  So many, in fact, that you may need to start on December 22 to get them all in.”

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8 Christmas Eve Traditions to Start This Year

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