A Tale of 2 Dishes – Goulash and Chili Con Carne


As a German American I always like to find the German influence in many of the dishes that are popular in the USA

I also love stories of how traditional dishes from countries develop. It is hard to be 100% accurate on all the details but you can always discuss many of the influences from immigrants that brought their ideas and spices to a new land and how folks used what they had and what was available to create dishes that develop on the trail and are now so many eating establishments, homes and packaged in our stores

I found it interesting that both an American bowl of chili and in Germany Hungarian Goulash (Ungarishes Gulasch) have very similar heritage developing on the plains of Texas or Hungary. The cowboys or Gulyas herded cattle and fed cowpokes or herdsman on the trail with the ingredients at hand or what they could preserve. In many ways these dishes are remarkably similar. Texas Chili Con Carne started as stew with chunks of beef or other meats. The ground beef and beans version that is so popular in the U.S. is a later adaption.


Emma’s Goulash

1-IMG_4209A Tale of 2 Dishes
Goulash and Chili Con Carne
Brothers from a Different Mother

German Style Chilie Con Carne
German American
(1 place prize winning

Pork and Sauerkraut Goulash —– MY CHOICE



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