One Word Advent Series By Faith Barista (Bonnie Gray)

From Sarah: I have found a new to me blog.  In it is a wonderful Advent Series. It is amazing. I have barely looked at it.  This is the first post For The First Week In Advent. As you know , we are in the 3rd week. Check it out if you get a chance. Saved it for when thing die down (after Christmas). I have a number of series to continue long into the NEW YEAR.
The blog is Faith Barista.
The following is from  Bonnie’s ABOUT ME Section:
“Pull up a chair. Refresh your soul. This is a quiet space. Swap some stories. Share your journey. Be you. Be loved. Serving up shots of faith for everyday life. Posts brewed hot & fresh.”


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This week’s 12/3/15 #OneWordAdvent Writing Prompt: HOPE

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Let’s Begin Again. Let Christmas come.

One Word Advent has actually been a seed that’s been dropped on my heart earlier in the year, as I give myself permission to wander… to let it be prompted — not by expectations or by what others would want me to do — or by what I think would be a good “plan”. It’s just something I would enjoy — and would enjoy sharing together with you.

But, is that enough to begin something. Simply because it brings our hearts pleasure? I believe yes, because Christmas is Emmanuel — God with us.

How can we give the gift of our hearts to God — if we place it to the side? How can we enjoy an intimate moment with God when we keep ourselves boxed in our fears, guilt or expectations?

God whispers —

I am your hope. 

I am Emmauel. 

I am with you.

Begin again. 

Let Christmas come to you again.

Let me be with you. New. Rebirthed once more.

It’s hard to start something new, when you’ve been quiet for awhile. Don’t a lot of God’s whispers and invitations happen this way? He touches things in us that we’ve put to the side, that we’ve let slip between our fingers. Or so we think.

God captures them all. He holds them all in his heart. Because those inspirations are ones He’s placed on our hearts.

I haven’t hosted our Thursday blog link up Beloved Brews in months. I’ve been taking a break, soul searching on what the write for my next book afterFinding Spiritual Whitespace.

But, I woke up this morning and on my walk, it just wouldn’t leave me. Because that is what we do here on Faith Barista. We share the our moments — during the times that are most important to our hearts.

And we all need Advent. We all long to experience Advent — not just do Advent.

From Sarah: Please check this out when you have the time OR when you need some PEACE.

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