Why I Get Nothing For Christmas – #coping #gifts #life #peace

This is wonderful. From Autoimmunity Girl.



About this time every year my friends and family will always ask me a variation of the same question; which is “What did you get for Xmas [substitute any occasion]?… Something nice…?”

In the past I have always smiled and wondered, nervously, what to answer. It has never occurred to me, until now, that I could freely and unashamedly tell the truth. And I am not sure why. Perhaps I always thought that telling people the truth would make them think us strange or to be pitied; and that would be such a terrible shame…

You see the truth has to be seen through my eyes to be truly appreciated, but perhaps it will translate if I do my best to explain it properly.

When I got sick, very sick, each year became an enormous struggle just to get through each year, so when holidays, events and Christmas would come…

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