The RV Is At It’s New Home And An Update

It’s been another busy day. More stressful for us than anything. Danny worked in the Ranger Station and left when the late office guy showed up. It still took a few hours to get it road worthy.
(We had to take it 45 miles away).
The RV is out in the country in it’s new location. A young couple and their infant will be living in it.
It is a relieve to have it gone.
Did I cry?
How could I not? It was our first home together after I moved here from Colorado. Danny sold his house that his dad had built and we moved into the RV.
Lot’s of awesome memories in it. We were happy there for 5 plus years.
Tomorrow is Sunday. Danny is in the Ranger Station again. We will celebrate his birthday when he gets home.
Then Monday and Tuesday he is off. The holidays will be over for the most part. The Christmas Tree is still up and the Manger Scene is still out.
They don’t get put up until after January 6th.
This is the first year (in awhile) that  I am starting the New Year feeling a bit more positive.
Danny IS OPEN TO LEAVING HERE (Lake Kissimmee State Park)IF something comes along. That gives me a renewed sense of HOPE.

I am glad I was able to take the time and DO Advent up right. I wanted/needed to really DIG DEEP into the Bible. Not having WordPress working right enable me to break away from the computer easily.
I think I have gain a lot from this past month.
I don’t NEED to post every day.
I do need a way to answer all my comments a bit faster. Our internet still goes off or slows down all the time. It takes forever to post and send a simple post MOST of the time.

The Internet connection is better at the park……When IT works. I may have to start using it there .
I plan to get back to my regular POSTS…..We start the Book of Job next week. I am also doing a couple of other Bible Studies.
I will start posting  regular Motivational/ Inspirational /Meditational articles and quotes again. we are busy at the park but I am not working as much.
More on that later.
Here’s to a great year for all of us….
Love Sarah190238_145673852163338_4446801_n11855919_10203180174105652_951370733022454494_n

<3 <3



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  1. Cheyanne says:

    Happy New Year! 🙂

    1. Happy New You to you as well.

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