This Is The Rolling Meadows We Fell In Love With Part 2 Told Through Photos.

This Is The Rolling Meadows We Fell In Love With : Part One In A New Series : Our Life Together.

This Is The Rolling Meadows We Fell In Love With : Part One In A New Series : Our Life Together

Rolling Meadows Ranch is just a small part of what I refer to as Our Neck Of The Woods.  Danny and I have shared a lifetime of memories in the 7 years we have lived on Rolling Meadows Ranch. We went from living in our RV full time to restoring the old Cracker House to finally living in it.
This is Rolling Meadows Ranch we fell in love with even before we moved there from Lake Kissimmee State Park .
Please join me as I  take us on a photo tour of the early days on Rolling Meadows Ranch,
No seat belts required. You may get a mite dusty.


This Is The Rolling Meadows We Fell In Love With : Part One In A New Series : Our Life Together

This Is the first of a series of photos and stories of  our life on Rolling Meadows Ranch….
A story of our love for each other and the park service .

Danny and I on the swamp buggy. Our Shadows.
Danny and I taking off on the swamp buggy.

DSCN1010DSCN1009Rolling Meadows Ranch was a working sod farm when the state first bought the property back in the early 2000’s . The sod farm continued to work it until January 1 , 2009. Danny and I moved to Rolling Meadows in December 2008.
We lived in our RV on the other side of the road from where the house is. Right next to the old mobile home.
Before we ever moved over there Danny and I would drive ALL OVER the property. Miles and Miles of criss crossing paths . You could drive for hours and we did.

The above is from the first post.
Please check it out. It talks about the Sod Farm that was Once Rolling Meadows Ranch. I mention Part of The Restoration Of RMR In Part One. More To COME.

The following is Part 2 “This Is Rolling Meadows Ranch”
This Section Of Rolling Meadows Ranch Is Called “Bobby’s Cove” .
Yes, It is officially NAME after My Son….Bobby.
Danny’s Birthday and Christmas Gift to Me.

I WROTE A Story About That.
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Riding On The Swamp Buggy
Riding On The Swamp Buggy

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