Feeling Exhausted Once Again

I haven’t been feeling good again. Not bad, just not good. More tired than anything. Exhausted, even after sleeping all night and most of the day. Or trying to.
I haven’t really been sleeping soundly. I hear everything. Dreaming as well. Feverish but not sick.
When I say “feverish but not sick” it means I am having lupus or fibro issues and am not SICK as in having the flu.
The good news is:
My spirits are still better than they were for a long time.
So overall, everything is ok. Normal for me. Feeling-Exhausted-Run-Down-or-Just-Plain-Out-of-Sorts
We have a Retirement Part tonight for Our Cowboy -Park Ranger Charlie.
While I am NOT there setting up and organizing things like I usually do: I am home making the different dishes that I signed up to take. There is/was nothing hard about making any of them. Yet, I feel as if I put in a full day of hard labor.
Danny is Late Field tonight otherwise he’d be home helping me. It will take all that I have to get everything loaded into the truck. Thankfully, Danny and or someone else will be on the other end to unload.
What is so frustrating : I HAVE LOOKED FORWARD TO THIS.

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  1. I hope you feel better Sara, Fibro sister here, I know exactly what your saying. Blessings to you.

    1. At this particular moment, I am good. Better than good. HUGS

  2. Hope you feel better soon Sarah πŸ™‚

  3. MeRaw says:

    Do hope you soon feel a little better.
    Hope you get to enjoy the event this evening x

    1. Hi Melanie, Danny and I both did..

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