Another Damp And Rainy Day

We had a damp and cloudy morning at the park. Danny is working late field this week. I went in to help with restrooms and general cleanup. Home by noon so a really short day.
Back to bed until around 3PM. Piddled until around 5 and started a few evening chores before Danny got home around 6:30. He was wet. Soaked . Thunder and lightning all around us.
We chatted in the kitchen for awhile and then headed off for Family Night.
I still need to post about our Christmas Gift to each other. It is keeping us busy. I love this time with Danny but am also missing my time here.
I am more alert at night. My days are fog filled.

I am anxious to start posting again. I just need to find a balance between Danny and I and Blog time. .
No matter what: This TIME with Danny BEATS the HOURS and HOURS of loneliness I felt for so long.
More soon.

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  1. jdawgswords says:

    Sounds like love to me…Danny is so lucky…hopefully he knows that

    1. He does. I think. Sometimes it is harder to tell than others.
      Have a great week.

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