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Hilary Berstein: What To Do Before Your Husband Gets Home.

From Sarah: When I was a Stay At Home Mom, I wasn’t married. I never had any of the worries other moms had about how there house looked when there husbands got home. I ran a homeschool/daycare/preschool/ afterschool program from my home. I had a huge house. The basement and a few of the main level rooms were used as part of the school. It was easy to keep the main areas of the house clean. 

I really didn’t have trouble keeping everything picked up back then. After we got done with an area, the kids and I cleaned it up. 

Since I often had kids spending the night or even living with me, it worked out well. At the end of a normal day, anything that hadn’t been picked up was taken care of by the time parents were due. Usually. 

There were a lot of exceptions. 

It’s harder for me now. I am older. Health issues are greater. Plus I have depression issues. Everything that use to be easy is now hard. 

No matter how I feel and what does or doesn’t get done before Danny gets home… I always have his tea poured and waiting for him. Snacks are often ready. I ALWAYS GREAT HIM AT THE DOOR. Always. 

I also TRY really hard to keep my mouth shut if I am not happy. 

The house has been straighten and usually looks good on the surface. The kitchen table is kept cleared.

I always ask him about his day. He never asks about mine.

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