Happy Sunday From Our Neck Of The Woods

Here’s hoping that everyone is having a good Sunday. A relaxing one. Doing things you love with family members. Or having some time to yourself.
It’s been a crazy week. Danny came home sick on Thursday and stayed home Friday. I never get anything done when he is home. No cleaning anyway. The Internet was down and I missed a whole day posting. AGAIN.
I think that makes 3 days this month.
We have been SWAMPED at the park. We can’t even blame it on the YANKEES. They are SLOW Arriving this year. It’s locals camping right now. That is unusual.
We have been full for weeks. Even our days use is busy.
It was beautiful out yesterday and this afternoon. It’s a bit wet though.
We had 3.7 inches of rain Another 2.3 inches last night. Then still more this morning. I haven’t checked that as yet.
It’s amazing that people are out hiking as much as they are. We are flooded in many areas.
I have been battling lupus a bit more. Not serious but it’s been noticeable.
Co-workers have noticed.
Danny has noticed.
So I sleep as much as I can, when I can.
Windows are open right now but will need to shut them before Danny gets home after dark. We have had a few days where I haven’t had to turn on the heater throughout the house. No AC although , yesterday, it got up to 80 in here.
Danny has had his space heater on.
Have a good week. Love ,

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