Motivational Quotes For Tuesday And AN Update With Memories

Good Morning from Our Neck Of The Woods.
Or Evening depending on where you are.
Trying really hard to get back to blogging and posting like I want and NEED to do. We have been really busy at the park and I am exhausted most of the time anymore.
Yet, as much as I am thriving on ALL of OUR FAMILY TIME at night, I am missing the time here. Or my late night /early morning visits. Now if I am still up, I am with Danny still.
When we are on it at night, we are researching STUFF for US.

I love to be on the water but it has been a LONG, LONG TIME. It costs too much to keep up with it. Danny has 2 boats. An OLD one of his Dad’s and a Flat’s Boat that was in awesome shape when he first bought it – 9 years ago. Now, after sitting IN THE FLORIDA SUN AND ALL THE RAIN….Sadly it is not worth much.
We have the wonderful memories of our boat rides. My sitting at the front with the wind blowing my hair. Or lot’s of lazy fishing days.
Going to Lake Cypress and eating. Going through the locks to Lake Toho.
I have to admit though, I was always glad to have a GPS along and even happier to see  the shore after hours not being nearby it.
My favorite trips were the ones we took when we went to Pine Island and Cabbage Key. Oh What fun we had there.
Plus, we loved Cabbage Key for ALL the reasons Jimmy Buffet wrote about.

Cheeseburger In Paradise By Jimmy Buffet

The Cabbage Key Restaurant and Bar
Just a fun place to be

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