An Update To An Older Post. My Meditation Room.

The original post was posted in November. I worked really hard getting the STORAGE ROOM all cleaned up. You WOULD NOT believe ALL of the BOXES we had SAVED in there. Danny is a COLLECTOR OF USELESS STUFF.
Anyway, I cleaned the room out.

2015-12-19 07.45.14.jpg
The Christmas Tree was taken to the Living Room. I just needed to plug it in.
We paid $15.00 for it. It looks like it.
Yet, I love it. But then I love Charlie Brown.
I went to Walmart looking for A Zen Garden. I wasn’t surprised that they didn’t have one. Or A Rake for it. I was hoping though that they would have SAND.
We have PLENTY of Sand here. WET. Buggy.
I have a box Danny made for me years ago that I am planning on using for a Zen Garden.
I am still waiting for the sand and a rake for the Zen Garden. I was enjoying the Meditation Room though. It was empty of ALL THINGS except a few pillows and QUILT …a small table and candles.
I was using it.
I added a comfy  chair. A Lamp. A few Books and My Bible And Journals.
It looked good.

Then I got some money from my dad.
We sold the RV.
(That story should come ASAP…THIS WEEK)
Do I still Meditate?
The rest is from my original post.

We actually went to Walmart BEFORE we RAN OUT OF FOOD.
I Never Once Thought Of Clean White Or Colored Sand. Meaning, no bugs. 
Image result for miniature zen gardens
I plan to start working on my Meditation Room this week.
What that really means is FINALLY cleaning up in the spare bedroom.
I have planned on using it for ME ALL ALONG. I was doing a little of that WHEN Danny decided to bring boxes in from his Computer room. HIS STUFF. Then he NEVER did anything with his room. He uses it. All the time. He just took my table…..Long story there…..And set up his computers on it. All around the room is His JUNK…..Mainly JUNK AS IN TRASH TO BE CARTED AWAY.
IN this spare room ARE ALL of the boxes Danny hasn’t let me throw out in the 4 years we have lived here in the house.

And a bunch of other stuff. The only things in there I use are the carpet cleaner and the vacuum.
Plus the Christmas Tree that NEVER GOT TAKEN DOWN FROM LAST YEAR.

Another long story there. Let’s just say it was NOT A Good Christmas.
Now, The tree can stay there UNTIL After Thanksgiving. I may plug in the lights. We have few decorations on it.

30-Day Meditation Challenge I’m In.

30 day meditation challenge - About Meditation
I re-read Meditation 101 All Of It. Took Long Notes. I Listened to a few of the videos. Tomorrow (AFTER Danny leaves) I plan to sit and pray for guidance. I also plan on REALLY listening to Morgan’s first tape. Meaning Shutting out Mr. Bojangles who seems to love Morgan’ voice and comes running. I will take my time here. I am promising to due some kind of meditation every day.
Image result for miniature zen gardens

I may have trouble breathing right . I have asthma and I usually can’t breath right in exercises like this.
I am going to try really hard though.

INFOGRAPHIC | A 10-Minute Breathing Exercise

Meditation Breathing Exercise - AboutMeditation

Meditation for Health & Vitality

Meditation For Health & Vitality

Focusing on light and breath, Katherine guides your attention to the vital aspects of what feeds our body and soul and she helps you connect with the very essence of health.

Listen & download this free guided meditation:

[hb-audio-list-in-gallery gid=4576 autoplay=”no”]

Here is what you can expect from this free guided meditation:

  • A new and empowering experience of breathe
  • A new understanding of how light and breathe feed the body
  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress Relief
  • Mind expansion
  • A stronger body-mind connection
  • Joy & ease of being
  • The soul-level empowerment that is a natural result of meditation
  • An experience of time slowing down

    I am really looking forward to getting started. On the Meditations and The MEDITATION ROOM. Have a wonderful week,
    Love Sarah

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  1. Kia / KTS says:

    I’m definitely loving the update to this post Sarah. I haven’t meditated today but I definitely need to. And I absolutely loved your comment on my blog. I am re-writing my book currently to add more valuable content for all of my readers. It will come back out in April and I truly hope you will purchase it and I hope you love it.

    1. I will. I had always planned to. Just never had the extra money. For My STUFF. I couldn’t believe it when I finally went to buy it and it wasn’t there.
      Life as been a lot better here. The depression I had for so long as lessoned. It is there but I can work around it.
      Danny and I are doing more together. I pray that lasts.
      I saw you Hot chocolate recipe. I saved it for Holidays special times. Looks awesome.

  2. Those mini sand gardens are cool! I may get one!

    I hope all is going well with you. 🙂

    1. Jason,
      Thank you for the comment.
      I have a question for you. One I am sure you have answered multiple times.
      So feel free to send me a link of one…..
      I know it is harder to keep up on the comments when you don’t get here for a few days.
      I expect that.
      I keep missing comments from people when I am here.
      Or I will see one and not comment right away….When I look for it , I can’t find it.
      go through all the comments at the top right all the time. I then make sure I don’t have any in my Dashboard….comments or anywhere there.
      My question is
      How to you keep up with yours and not miss a bunch? I thought I was done an hour ago. I keep finding groups I have missed.

      1. I go post by post because it is easier and you won’t miss one. It really does save time. 🙂 Start with the most recent post and sweep for comments, then proceed down.

        1. So I have discovered. Jason, I have missed so many really great comments.
          I want to see every like. Every comment. I don’t want to miss anyone,
          Thanks for such a quick answer as well.

          1. No problem! It is a constant battle!

            1. It just hurts that I have missed so many wonderful comments.

              1. Just sweep your posts once a week!

                1. I have found over 50 I have missed.
                  I don’t usually mess up this badly

                  1. It can happen and sometimes it is WordPress!

                    1. I am glad you said that because one here and there, YES, I might not see but not comment after comment WHEN I AM ON HERE

  3. Heather says:

    Don’t hyperventilate yourself, hahaha. You want to relax, not pass out. Although that would be relaxing. 🙂

    1. I almost choked on your comment. I laughed so hard.

  4. aFrankAngle says:

    Cheers to the meditation room and you going for the challenge. Git er done! Good quote at the beginning … and I hope all is well. 🙂

    1. Frank, The git er done will take awhile but it will get done. I am excited in a way I haven’t been for awhile.
      All is good.

      1. aFrankAngle says:

        Excitement is good … press on!

  5. We love that Albert Einstein quote! Great post!

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