New Table And Chairs

We have had them a few days now and I love them. I have wanted a new kitchen table set since we moved into the house 4 plus years ago.
I knew exactly what I wanted. A Farm House Butcher Block Table and Chairs.
The table is smaller than we are use to. Not quite big enough but it is better than having room for Danny to leave his STUFF on. LOL.
I wanted chairs that were round in the back and were white.
Danny wanted ladder back chairs.
So I gave in on the chairs and a hundred dollar difference in price. We got 2 chairs and not 4.

This is what we got.
These are the ones I wanted. I could get 4 for the price of his 2. LOL.

I am happy and Danny can NEVER complain about the table and chairs. It works out for both of us.



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  1. Oh that’s nice …m sure it does I really liked it …tk

    1. Have a good week.

  2. This is beautiful where did u get from?

    1. Through Amazon. The table can be bought separately from the chairs. The one we got is really small. More for a little island table in the kitchen than a kitchen table. I looked under Country Farm Kitchen tables and chairs. I think.

      1. Thnk u so much Sarah it’s beautiful

        1. I really love it. It looks so much better in my kitchen. I am using the bigger table for work and other stuff. HUGS

  3. Krista Kemp says:

    I’m so happy for you!!! Great gift!

    1. The table is too small but it is so nice to have something WE Got instead of what was given to us …hand me downs….
      Don’t get me wrong. I love hand me downs. It is JUST Danny has never been interested in buying ANYTHING for THIS HOUSE. Computers, TV’s, Microwaves etc but not household items to make it look better. Or feel better.
      I also order some PHOTOS for my WALLS. Small but oh so needed.
      The first thing I always do when I move in is put my photos up. I hate blank walls.

      1. Krista Kemp says:

        I know how you feel. There is satisfaction in having pieces that YOU picked out. I don’t like blank walls either. Unfortunately, our walls are worthless, so the majority of my wall hangings are in the attic. I finally gave up on our home having personality. It’s just a box that we reside in. When we buy, I’ll have it decorated how I want. Hoping to actually be able to get one with a room for my studio. Rusty and I share the den, and my side is SO small, I just use it for craft storage. I do all my work in my bed!

        1. Our problem is that we have a huge house but have virtually no storage outside the kitchen. Our bedroom closet is good sized but filled with boxes. Our living room has a door/ entranceway on every wall. No bed frame to put anything UNDER. NO bedside tables. No entertainment center to put things away. Now that we are using the extra room ….there is no space for anything. Now everything ends up in OUR BEDROOM and I HATE that. A bedroom should be a bedroom. If Danny ever gets rid of the extra JUNK in his computer room we could store a few things there.
          We don’t have a garage either so a lot of WORK STUFF is in the house.
          I can’t wait to get the few pictures up in the living room. Considering that is where I spend a lot of my time.
          I understand the House having a personality.
          We always have had a lot in common.

          1. Krista Kemp says:

            I totally understand! We have very little storage here as well. Our attic is beyond shot-scared to go up and down the pull down ladder. It’s going to give way just any time. I have a new ladder-just need new hardware, and someone to install it. Would do it myself, but since surgery, I’m scared I’d pull something internally. We have quite a bit in common!

            1. Yes we do. I wish we lived close to each other.

              1. Krista Kemp says:

                One of these days I’ll pack up and move to Florida. Just waiting for my moment. Most of my family is there.

                1. Knowing my luck, I will finally be moving out of Florida.
                  It would be awesome living near you. I don’t have family or friends here. Not close ones.

                  1. Krista Kemp says:

                    I’m sorry. I know what it’s like! Living abroad, I didn’t know a soul. It was very lonely in the beginning!

                    1. It was good when I was meeting people at the park all the time. I have become a hermit.
                      I don’t deal as well with people right now and that’s hard. I never use to be like this.

                    2. Krista Kemp says:

                      Hubby is in that same boat. I do understand. It’s a daily struggle. When he finally does venture out, he’s ready to go back home. I try to get him involved in different projects to keep him sane. But there is only so much that I can do. He was a top notch executive-constantly interacting and traveling. This drives him crazy!

                    3. I bet it does. His whole life changed. So did yours.

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