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Simplified Organization

organize your attitude

Mystie has a wonderful blog and I read everything from her.

Lemonade Lining

This is another New To me blog that I have just Discovered.

From Kat:
“I’ll be honest—I think I’m a somewhat smart and accomplished person. Yet, when I left my full-time gig in order to start my business and freelance full-time I had one big concern: getting people to take me seriously.

It’s not that I didn’t think I was well-spoken. And, I definitely had a certain level of confidence that I’d be able to pull this whole “business owner” thing off—otherwise I certainly wouldn’t have done it. Instead, I worried about people looking at me with the respect and recognition that I thought I would need. That I thought I deserved.”

I was 24-years-old when I started my business. And, while I’m sure that sounds positively ancient to a 12-year-old, it’s still pretty young to be a business owner. Let’s face it, most people look at you and think, “You’re essentially fresh out of college. What could you possibly know about running a business?”

Well, not a lot, honestly. But, that didn’t stop me from going for it. And, after a few meetings with some middle-aged business men who treated me like a juvenile bimbo who should go back to her weekend babysitting gigs, I started to work on improving a few things.

I wanted people to take me more seriously. I wanted them to recognize me as a smart, driven, and knowledgable business owner. And, above all else, I wanted to present myself as someone who deserved that respect. Here are a few of the tips I used in order to make that happen.”


From Ann:
“Come on in!

It’s quiet in here. Come rest a bit? Nice to meet you! My name’s plain & simple Ann, without even the fanciful ‘e.’ I’m a farmer’s wife with a happy mess of 6 kids, a crazy camera & a bunch of books that landed on the NYTimes bestsellers lists, but hey, could I just get you the relief of some easy words right now? You know — relief for those dry days that are kindling for burning bushes…. for holy experiences with God”

what to do when you want light to overcome all of the dark

25th January 2016 Faith, Hope, humility

From Ann Voskamp: Her blog is one of my favorites. I love her soothing voice. Her words grab me deep inside. Her photos, Oh Yes her photos….You’ve got to see Ann’s photos.

“You can always count on it: Jesus is bendable Light, warmth around every unexpected corner.”


This is a new to me blog that I only recently started following.:

Telling It Like It Is

“At Chasing Blue Skies, I write to offer fresh air encouragement to anyone needing it. Whether you’re spiritually mature or still figuring things out (aren’t we all to some degree?), I want to be for you what my friend Jen was (and is!) for me. This life is hard, y’all, and we need folks who share their warty, wobbly stories with us. We need folks who show us Christ alive in their being. We need folks who help us see ourselves as Jesus does. After all, he’s not nearly as hard on us as we are on ourselves.”


10 Verses For When You Can’t Sleep At Night

From Courtney

1.)  All of Psalm chapter 23 is a huge comfort!  Here’s just one of the 6 verses from that Psalm.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
    I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.
~Psalm 23:4

10 Verses For When You Can’t Sleep At Night