The Book of Job – Wednesday And Thursday

 Today’s Post has Wednesday’s and Thursday’s Readings. Plus a review :

Chapter 23: Job wonders where God is and fears him.

From Courtney in Good Morning Girls Facebook:
In Job 23. Job was confident that God saw his faithfulness and we can trust that God sees and knows our faithfulness too. We must hold to God’s way in the midst of trials.

Chapter 24:  Job is perplexed by the injustice God permits.

A Review From Earlier This Week:

Post From Courtney In Good Morning Girls  Facebook:
In Job 21. Job refutes Zophar’s thoughts (from chapter 20) about how the wicked are brought to ruin. Job points out the prosperity of the wicked. Sometimes we can be discouraged by watching their success and comfort but it is only temporary. A far greater reward awaits us in heaven for our faithfulness! . Stay strong!

From Tara at Doodle Through The Bible

Good Morning Girls Resources {Job 21-26}

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  1. Erika Kind says:

    Good quotes!

    1. I have enjoyed this book, this time around. I have read it before but on my own. Groups do help.

      1. Erika Kind says:

        Wonderful, Sarah!

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