This Week’s Resources For The Book Of Job

From Courtney:
“Welcome back to Week 7 (of 8) in the book of Job!  We are on the homestretch!  Just one week away from some of my favorite chapters in the Bible!”

Good Morning Girls Resources for Job 32-37
Week Seven

This week we will look at:

Chapter 32:  Elihu’s anger burns as he rebukes Job and his three friends.

Chapter 33:  Elihu speaks of suffering not as a result of sin but as a way to keep us from sin.

Chapter 34 & 35: Elihu speaks of God’s justice.

Chapter 36:  Elihu speaks of God’s greatness.

Chapter 37:  Elihu speaks of God’s majesty.
We will be reading 2 Chapters on Wednesday.

Click HERE to print the Verses of the Day for Job 32-37.

To print the 42 Discussion Questions for Job – click here.

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