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  1. Nena says:

    Hello, my dear and sweet, Sarah! Hope you are well in your part of Florida:) I wanted to stop by and let you know that I recently moved to a self-hosted site and the following is the latest post:

    1. Congratulations. I will visit ASAP.
      I still am not feeling well.
      I sleep a lot.
      Lethargic more than sick. Slow moving.
      I am good, emotionally.

      1. Nena says:

        Happy Easter and I hope you feel better soon:/

        1. Feeling pretty good at the moment. I slept most of the day.
          It’s raining here. HOW are you guys? Hugs

  2. Kia / KTS says:

    I am so loving this uplifting vibe on your blog Sarah. I feel like I’ve been gone such a long time and I haven’t read your amazing blog. But I am so happy I got a chance to visit today.

    Kia / KTS

    1. Kia, I haven’t been around much either.
      I got sick again in January and have been fighting something ever since. Forgive me for not finding out what you have been up to.
      I usually stay caught up through emails from your blog. Haven’t seen anything in awhile.
      I just now realized how long it’s been.
      I will try and visit this weekend.
      Happy Easter .
      Love Sarah

    2. I have been doing well emotionally. Hugs

  3. Nena says:

    Thanks to you, I am following Good Morning Girls:) You’re wonderful, Sarah!

    1. Nena,
      Their journal is nice if you like/love journals . I bought theirs for Mark to check it out.
      I never had the money to before.
      I am not sorry I have it but to be honest, a simple notebook works great.
      Just I case you wanted to save money.
      If you do the Proverbs 31 Ministry Studies. . FIRST 5 STUDIES..I would recommend Experience Guide as they call it.
      It is very informative. They ask you questions.

      1. Nena says:

        I love the Proverbs 31 ministry and I came across them because of you as well:) I mainly use my own notebook, too, but I will look into the Experience Guide. Thanks for all the great tips!

        1. The Experience Guide is really worth it to me. I won’t be able to buy the book very often but the digital is a little cheaper.
          You Don’t need the book though.

          1. Nena says:

            Digital sounds better, especially since it is more affordable;)

            1. I have spent way too much on books lately. I hadn’t bought any in years. I used to buy whatever I wanted. Now money is tight..
              That’s why I mentioned not getting the journal for Mark. Everything you need is free on the blog/Facebook.

              1. Nena says:

                Thank you:)

        2. My favorite thing is the First 5 App.
          It reminds me to Study.

          1. Nena says:

            I’ll check that out!

            1. I have my alarm set for 5 AM .
              ON SILENT.
              So it is the first thing I see on my phone.
              It helps.
              You can really read as much or as little as you want to to.

        3. I am glad you like them. It was really hard for me to start posting religious material at first. I am glad I finally did. It is such a part of my life it is wrong not to.

        4. I keep finding other blogs and Bible studies and courses and I can’t begin to do them all. LOL.

          1. Nena says:

            Same here lol

    2. Am I making Sense ?

      1. Nena says:

        To me you are;)

        1. Good.
          I love Good Morning Girls/Women Living Well but they don’t go as deep as PROVERB’S 31 MINISTRY.
          Both have wonderful people who write for them and I love that as much as anything.

        2. How are you doing this Wednesday afternoon? How is the pollen problem where you are?
          Danny and I are really suffering from it.
          I can’t go outside at all.
          My asthma is on the warpath. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

          1. Nena says:

            So far it has been a very long day of work. On a short break right now, but I work until 7PM. I am not sure how the pollen is over here, but it sounds terrible that it is causing issues for you both:( Hope things clear up soon.

            1. I feel bad because I don’t remember where you work.

              1. Nena says:

                I work under a company from home. Full-time (4o hours/week).

                1. I though you worked from home. I am glad I wasn’t too far off.

            2. Thanks for sharing your break with me. Other 5 hand Danny, you are the only one I have talked to one on one.

              1. Anonymous says:

                Should have been other than Danny.

              2. It should have been other than Danny.

              3. Nena says:

                My pleasure, Sarah:) You can email me, message me, whatever is easier, when you would like to chat more:)

                1. I know I can. Love you

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