Can’t Do Much- Internet Woes

Sitting here trying to read other blogs. I can like but not open pages. Same on Facebook. Most of the time , the Internet is just too slow. So I decided to take a selfie. What do I see but a piece of onion on my chest. Just relaxing today. I slept most of it….

Internet Iffy Again : LIFE IN OUR NEC OF THE WOIDS

So far we have Internet. No bars but that is normal. No phone service still. It’s been months since the phone lines worked. Danny just said someone hit the box near us (home) and the park. They have No Internet.  No phone. Cell service is almost non -existent.  And it’s Friday night. Danny is DUE…

Friday: Spring Cleaning And Bible Study

Whew. I am worn out. I got up with before Danny and started studying The Book Of Acts for First 5. I haven’t started reading the chapters yet. Just the history of Acts. Studying from different Bibles and resources.  I even plan on using some of Women Living Well/ Good Morning Girls resources for it….

Simple Pleasures: 10 Minute Fondue

Simple: Too impatient to really do it right. 10 minutes from start to finish. Taco cheese Budweiser More garlic Stir fry pot. Added beer . Flour. Then added the cheese as I stired the pot. Barely melted. Did I say I was hungry? Sitting in the recliner.  Danny is STILL NAPPING. FEET PROPPED UP. YUMMY….

My Deuteronomy Studies With Good Morning Girls

I have read all of the chapters but haven’t really studied them as well as I should be. For someone leading an Online Bible Study Group I haven’t done my part. The others are really digging into it. They are leading me this time around. I post everything as I always do but THEY have…