What I Am Listening To This Afternoon

Without You : Air Supply
Sometimes When We Touch: Dan Hill
It Don’t Matter To Me : Bread
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo : Lobo
Tequila Sunrise : Eagles
If I was feeling up to it, I’d download them for you.




I am never cold but today I got a chill. The blanket feels good. Conforting.
THE  AC also feels good.
It in the upper 80’s outside.
Danny won’t be home til 8 :30?
The sun is shining. First time all week.
The cat is sleeping on the foot part of the recliner.Taking up all but a very small part.
He’s heavy but I hate to move him.
Have a wonderful evening.

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  1. Too bad we have so many miles between us. It would be great to get out and have some coffee with you!

    1. I’d love the chats if I could have anything but coffee. I can’t get past the smell.
      I don’t have anyone here to sit and visit with. Not really.
      It’s been a lonely life once I got stuck at home more than not. Hugs

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