Memories And Elvis


What do memories and Elvis have to do with each other,
Besides the song….. Memories?
I can’t go back in time …..
In my memories and not remember Elvis.
I was 2 years old…. there abouts. ..when both my mom and dad said I fell in love with Elvis.
Fortunately,  they liked him as well.
Not fans as much as just liking his music. Especially his Gospel songs.
Today and even part of yesterday….I have been ” In An Elvis Frame Of Mind” as they called it.
Today, I am remembering all sorts of things. Favorite songs.
Movies of his.
And Now, I don’t think of Elvis and not remember Bobby.
Remembering also those last wonderful days with Bobby.
Now knowing The End was coming .
I am glad,  I didn’t know.

Memories, there are times when you need to go back and remember what was so you can go on with the life you have now.
So this week…..the days before the 19th. …
I will remember Bobby
And the music we both loved.

The sun is going  down. Danny will be home soon.
I had planned on writing this past week…..all about Bobby.
Then I got sick.
I am up….probably not for long.
I will write when I can…
Have a wonderful week.
Love Sarah
As always….when I write about Bobby….as his mom…I laugh when I write Sarah.
Love Bobby mom.
For years…with the Angel moms and dads I signed everything like that.