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A Virtuous Woman: Self Disciple.
This is a wonderful blog filled with tips on cleaning. And so many other things. ( THINGS because my fog filled mind can’t think).
She is on Day 12 of her challenge. Everything you missed can also be found here.


Spring Cleaning.
The timing of this post fit well for me TODAY and EVERY DAY.
Today, I kept looking at the dishes pulled in and around the sick.
I’ve been sick and unable to do them….Til today.
Still sick but I have had moments of clarity and feeling better. Moments when I could have washed some of the dishes from this past week.
They’d been rinsed well
Still I kept putting it off.
Danny’s not home yet.
I have time to they can wait.
Except that we were out of dishes and silverware.
I put it off until I read this email around 7 PM.
It helped get me started. It took awhile.  Danny came home and we talked.
I’d do some and stop.
Are they all done?.
Not the few glasses. Not the crock pot. There may be a skillet in the oven. Not sure there.
I did the water bottles. I got the counters wiped off. I keep them wiped off.
Floor got swept well.
I can live with that.


Salad from supper.


Homemade Thousand Island Dressing.

I may be on the road to recovery (so to speak).
Or it could just be a little break from the heaviness of the flare.
Tomorrow will be a better day.
Tuesday even better.
Being positive here.
Love Sarah

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  1. Judy says:

    Sarah, I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to live with your condition – I’m so impressed how you are able to manage and accept it. Your positive outlook is to be applauded. Thinking of you and hoping each day gets better and better.

    1. Judy,
      I wish I could say I was positive all the time or even most of it.
      I work hard at it any more.

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