Spending More And More Time In Bed


There should be a sign on the door warning of a lupus / fibro flare.
My temper is under the surface right now.
Just waiting to blow.
Sad, because I am not in a bad mood.
Lupus and fibro are kicking my butt.
I am KICKING BACK as hard as I can.


Last night I went to bed around 8 PM. Got up this morning at 6 AM to get Danny off and the rabbit fed.
I was in bed before 7AM. UP at 2 PM. Danny home by 3: 45 PM. Nap around 5.
Bed now.


Not even dark out yet.
Have a good night.

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  1. Judy says:

    I am praying this will pass soon, Sarah and that you will feel better. I cannot imagine how discouraging it is.

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