Madame Alexander…damn…I mean, Madam Secretary

Originally posted on My World With Words:
I’ve recently become addicted to the CBS TV series “Madam Secretary” with Téa Leoni and Tim Daly. It’s another insider-White House series, this time with Téa as the unconventional Secretary of State called to duty when the man previously holding that position goes down in a plane accident…

It Shouldn’t Be This Hard To Post

Like all of us, I work really hard when I post something here.  It doesn’t matter if I am posting something of mine or another bloggers post.  I want it to look right. Lately, I will post and then find out later that the photos didn’t upload. Even after It showed that they did. What…

Ecclesiates : Week 3 Day3 

This week’s Bible Verses. This Week’s Reading Plan For Wednesday : Did anything strike a cord with you? Was there a special passage?  Feel free to leave  prayer request in the comments or send them to Have a wonderful week. SARAH 

American Grocery List — Discover

From writer Elan Mudrow, a very American, very satirical grocery list — not the foods we know we want to or should buy, but the foods we actually do. via American Grocery List — Discover

Daily Kind Quote — Erika Kind

In Love and Light via Daily Kind Quote — Erika Kind I love this quote from Erika. It’s often hard to let certain things in. Yet, we can’t move anywhere until we do.