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A Proverbs 31 Wife:
Posh Camping Must Haves.


Posh Camping?
I admit, I had a good laugh when I read through this post.
Really Laughed.
When I think of all the wonderful camping trips I took with my family.
My parents taught us to “rough” it.
We tent camped because we wanted to.
We found isolated spots.
We traveled all over the North,  Mid West and West.
We traveled a little in the East and South.
Often in our 1965 Pontiac Convertible.  There were 5 of us.
We had a list that seldom varied.
No suit cases.
We had our own tote bags. Cloth tote bags that mom sewed.
We had simple foam mattresses that she also made.
We had a huge green tent. One canapy. SLEEPING BAGS WITH SHEET LINERS.
We ate well.
Real food. Smores.
Stories around the fire.
I was allowed a few more things. As long As I carried them on my lap. My radio or cassette player/ tapes.  Books and notebooks.
Bobby, his cousins and I splurged a bit more.
I miss all of that.
Danny and I have lived on Lake Kissimmee State Park for 9 plus years.
Have visited many state parks.
Have BBQ’D.
Sat at many campfires, including our own.
Lived in an RV for 5 years.
Yet we have never been camping together.
That is a shame.

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