It’s Been One Of THOSE FOGGY DAYS: All Good

It’s been one of THOSE DAYS.
A foggy day brain wise.
I feel fine. Meaning better than MOST DAYS.


One of those days when everything you do requires multiple trips to the kitchen or bathroom. You know the days I am talking about.


Not all that far but multiple times in 30 minutes when it hurts to walk.


Remember Comfy and Cozy?
My green juice is between my thighs.

You go into the kitchen to fix some ice tea or get a bottle of water or in my case some green juice. Think V8 plus Veggies.

Simple stuff.
So why is it 30 minutes later…. and you’ve just now got all comfy and cozy in your favorite chair…..
AND  ONCE again you REACH for your drink and REMEMBER YOU FORGOT  TO GET IT? AGAIN.
You’ve worn yourself out running (OK , walking slowly) to and from the kitchen.
As I write this, I am also trying not to notice that my sentence structure is worse than usual.
I also started writing this 3 hours ago.
Not complaining.
In that 3 hours….. my sink FINALLY GOT FIXED AFTER ALMOST…. ( Well I am going to be nice here and not say how long it has been.)
Of course you can always go back through my posts and see all the photo commenting  on it.
The cabinet door BELOW  the sink ALSO got fixed yesterday. AFTER about the same amount of time.
Love you Danny.
A few years ago, I would have fixed them myself.



There use to be Bright Blue tape at the top of the doors to REMIND me NOT to open them fast.
Danny forgot last night..
Guess what? 
He fixed them almost right away. After a small “fit”.
I have tried NOT TO FUSS to much because I understand.
After working at the park everyday….the last thing he wants to do is more repairs.
Like me, Danny’s been slacking at certain things.

It has taken me all day to get things done. ALL because of a foggy brain.
My brain is thinking slower than normal….and that’s pretty  slow.

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  1. Erika Kind says:

    Hope you are better soon, Sarah!

    1. I am. At least for now. Hugs

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