Lazy Sunday In Our Neck Of The Woods

Hello from Our Neck Of The Woods 

I am tired and hurting. We went to Walmart yesterday. 

My ankles swell up every time.

So I am doing as little as possible today. 

Danny is off this weekend. He is napping now.

Where is the  cat?

Well he was here just a few minutes ago.

Then : 

He just got up.

Lazy and  Tired. Sore and hurting.

Normal. All in all. 

Everything is as it usually is after grocery shopping.

Not smiling much but that’s ok. 

I am laying on the couch.

Sorta smiling.
Last night : NASCAR

Daytona had a beautiful sunset. We DID NOT. 

Hugs from a tired Sarah.

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  1. ghostmmnc says:

    Relaxing is a good way to spend the day! oh, I know, my ankles swell up too, especially when walking around those big stores. I got one of those brace/ankle wrap strap things. It sure does help. Good to see kitty is keeping you company! 🙂

    1. I wear good ankle / knee wraps . They do help. Hugs

      1. ghostmmnc says:

        Very good! hugs back to you! xo

        1. Have a good weekend.

          1. ghostmmnc says:

            Thanks, and I wish you the same! <3

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