My Afternoon At Home Waiting For Danny To Get Home

Got Danny’s ice tea  ready first. I never know when he will come home early when it starts thundering and lightning.

His tea : 2 gallon sized teabags in a 1 gallon tea pitcher. 

NO LEMONS . No sugar. 


Mine : 1  maybe  2 regular tea bag(s ) if it’s real tea. Lemons / limes or fruit.

( If I am having kidney problems …. no tea of any kind. Cranberry juice.)

Or herbal teas. With lemons /  limes / fruit. 
No sugar. At least we can agree on that.  

Cutting up the celery for the crab dip.

Slowly. Hands aren’t co-operating.

Easy opening…. Sure . If your hands don’t hurt. I had a terrible time pulling it apart.

Forgot to take a picture of the crab dip.  

Playing with Mr. Bojangles.

He is a very LAZY cat.

Make it go.

Still no picture of the crab dip. 

He doesn’t get of till 3:30PM .

Getting anxious.

Turned the AC up. 

I need to let my hair down.

I put it back up shortly after. Just too hot.

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  1. Love the pictures! Looks like toy head a productive day even if you’re hands didn’t work so well!

    1. *YOU HAD…dang phone!

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