Another Wildfire At Lake Kissimmee State Park  Written Monday 4 PM.

Danny almost made it home when the call came over the radio. A wildfire at the park. Right across from the turn off the campground.

It is at the little “Off the road picnic table area”. 

This one is small. They caught it right away. Still lightening all around us. 

The rain is falling. It’s a downpour here.  Here meaning Rolling Meadows Ranch and the Cracker House. The park is 3 miles away. The fire is 4 miles down Park Drive.

This is the 3rd  wildfire Danny has been on in 8 days. All at the park. 

The first one was a week ago, Sunday night. Right by our main service road and the cow pastures leased out to Howard. He has cows on both sides of Camp Mack Road. One side Lake Kissimmee State Park and the other side Rolling Meadows Ranch. His cows are on all 4 sides of Danny and I.

This one was right before Sunset. Easy to put out.

The second one was Thursday. Our on Buster Island. Another easy fire because they caught it in time. 

Both took 2 plus hours to contain, put out and mop up.

The one today was contained right away. They are still there but should be about done.

The rain helped.

We needed the rain. We don’t need the lightning.

Fire out. The call just came in. A little mop up and filling up the tanks and Danny will be home. Wet. SOOTY. SMELLY. 
There was also one huge scare when Danny and I saw SMOKE all around the house last week.

I mean huge scare.

You would have thought the fire was right there as much smoke as there was. As soon as I calmed down, I realized that although it was Smokey, there was no heat. No embers. Just the smell and smoke.

Danny and I got in the fire truck.

One of the AmeriCorps guys from the bunkhouse got in theirs.

The wind was blowing towards us from the park. Which meant the fire wasn’t on Rolling Meadows.  Just to be on the safe side the other fire truck went past the gate at the house and checked RM.

We checked everything from the road out to the park. By this time the smoke had lifted around us. The fire itself was across the river. Probably 5 miles away.

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  1. Thank goodness it’s out and Danny is safe, and the park and RMR {hugs}

  2. Tammi Kale says:

    My prayers are with you and Danny….and everyone having to deal with all these fires – fires of all types included, may I add!

    1. It’s been a rainy week so we should be ok for awhile. Have a good rest of the weekend.

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