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Eastern Meditation Verses Biblical Meditation.

Written by Rosilind Jukic of A Little R & R.

Eastern Meditation.

When I was planning my Meditation Room  ( It ended up being our Train Room  and the bathroom is where I sometimes meditate now.), I never once thought there was a problem with my using Eastern Meditation along with My Biblical Meditation.

Honestly, I still don’t. I understand it could be a problem if you take it to extremes. But then, we have religious extremists as well.

I learned Eastern breathing techniques  after I almost died from an Asthma attack.

I used them for the panic attacks I had after Bobby died.

I started using Eastern Meditation for my Migraines.

Where did I get the help when I needed it? From the Lutheran pastor who visited me in the hospital.

I posted this article earlier from Rosilind.

I saw it Wednesday morning in my email from this magazine.

I am still having trouble getting it right in my head. IS EASTERN MEDITATION WRONG ? Am I wrong?

I have talked to God in prayer. I don’t feel any Anger from Him. I have found myself getting closer to Him.

Again, I will ask: 

What are your feelings/ beliefs?

Any thoughts? I would really like to know. 


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