A Beautiful Morning Here In Our Neck Of The Woods. The Drive To Lake Kissimmee State Park From Rolling Meadows Ranch. 

The humidity is way down. Which is surprising with all the rain we have had. Not as hot. YET.

Windows were wet from the dew. We have new windshield wipers but SOMEONE hasn’t put them on yet. I tried but it’s hard for me to reach them any more .

Rolling Meadows Ranch : Collier Farm Road

Water everywhere. 

Good Morning Sunshine.

One mile to Camp Mack Road.

Park Property on BOTH sides of the road.


That’s it for now. It looks as if I need to get rid of a BUNCH of PHOTOS BEFORE I can upload any more. It’s a never ending battle any more. 

I will post more soon. 

HAVE a wonderful Thursday. 

Love From Our Neck Of The Woods, 


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    1. Thank you Sass. Have a good week. How are you? I’ll be by to visit you soon. Hugs

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      1. I’m hanging in there. Spent pretty much all of Saturday in bed from pain. Blargh. Today I’ve been productive. I haven’t written much lately since I’ve started working and I’m still kind of all over the place with my moods. {Hugs}


        1. S ass, I can’t believe I miss this. Our internet has been off or really slow for weeks now. Where are you working? How is Florida? Your kids. Hugs

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          1. I’m working at the prison in my area. It’s different and interesting, and there’s lots of things to learn. And there’s always work to be had, so I’m never bored. It’s HOT, but at least it’s not humid like at home. I can handle the heat. The kids are ok. NSLM started highschool and Monkey already scratched her eye this school year. Poor girl can’t catch a break.
            How are you and Danny and The Ranch? Hope you are feeling ok. I know you had a flare up.

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            1. This summer the temperature has been higher. The last few years we’ve had more rain as well. We both struggle with it. Danny has aged a lot this year.
              I am too hot inside most of the time.
              Overall, my health is better than last year. I can’t take walks like I love but I can walk most of the time without wanting to scream.
              The depression isn’t nearly as bad.
              Life on the ranch…. park life….honestly….. it SUCKS. BIG TIME.
              I haven’t been happy here in a long time. Danny has FINALLY realized what I have known all along. Unless our manager leaves, nothing will ever change.
              He would love to leave here and the Florida State Park Service. He loves whay the job should be.
              He is angry that the state is hiring people at the same salary he makes now. He essentially lost is employee of the year raise, his other benefits. If it wasn’t for the house we wouldn’t be able to make it.
              Overall, things are good most of the time. The bad is still bad. I am still lonely. Needing to be touched. Yet, we spend quality time together.
              Sorry for the ramble.
              Love you

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              1. Long rambles are needed from time to time 🙂
                I’m sure that what’s been going on with work hasn’t helped either of you emotionally as well as physically. Is it good that Danny finally realized how things will continue to be? It sucks that they are hiring in new people at the same rate as him. GRRR!
                There will always be bad times along with the good, and at least you are working in things. Physical touch is so important in any relationship.
                Glad your pain isn’t as bad, although I’m sure the weather could help if it weren’t so rainy all the time! {Hugs}

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                1. 🙂
                  The rambles are never planned either.


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