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Creating Space For God :

The instructions God gives us sound simple enough. Work 6 days. Rest on the 7th. 

Rest on the Sabbath. 

Easier said than done. 

I grew up having a dad teach grade school and a mom who was a nurse. Monday Thru Friday they worked. Dad was off all summer. 

That left the weekends free. 

Except : we also had a small farm. Milking a cow and or goats 2xs a day. Morning and evening. 7 days a week. 

Animals to feed and water 2xs a day. 7 days a week. 

We had long work days. 

Good days.

We ate late. We got up early. 


Depending on the seasons….. we rested when we could. Worked when we needed to.

We had family Bible Study Times.

Not every day but often. Sunday we all went to church. Dad taught Sunday School. I was teaching Sunday School at 17.

 There were times … when the rains were coming and the hay needed to be cut and bailed…. put up. On a Sunday. We stayed home. Or they stayed home and I went in. I am very allergic to hay.

I never had to bail hay.

I tried one year. It was not pleasant. It got me a hospital stay.

We often  had church or church activities on Wednesday night.  Sometimes on Monday night. 

Sunday was seldom Rest day. We rested as much as possible.

Bobby and I were able to have a day of rest on Sundays. Church and Sunday school. Then we often took a drive to the mountains. Went hiking. 

Sunday evenings we watched Disney when it was on. Movie night later. 

Bobby and I had Bible Study together and separately.

He enjoyed his time with the Lord.

Danny and I: 

Danny is a Christian. He use to go with me to the little country church down the road. It is a Baptist church. I am Lutheran. There isn’t a Lutheran church nearby.

I don’t like going to church by myself. I do sometimes… Not as often as I should. 

Then Danny started working more and more Sundays. He stopped going to church on his off days. 

Then I got laid up last year and wasn’t able to go much.

I have been getting sermons from both of my home churches  (Illinois and Colorado) for 10 years now. 

I watch them almost every Sunday night. Not as god as being there but it helps.

A few times a year my dad’s church in Arizona sends me a sermom or 2. Holidays. Usually when Dad gives a sermon. He is really good at it.

Although, his age, is making it harder. He has trouble reading it.

As you know, I spend a lot of Quiet Time with God. I have several Bible Studies going all the time. I pray every day. I need to pray better. Harder. 

Sunday’s are quieter for me, most of the time, now that I am not working at the park much. My days are restful.

 My evenings, after my sermon tapes, are busy getting everything ready for the week.

Why the ramble? You know me, I just start talking and away I go.

Does anyone take a total Sabbath Rest? 

Doing as little housework / cooking as possible?

What are your opinions?

Have a good Friday. SARAH

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