Writing While The Internet Is Working: Lightening Just Hit Nearby. POWER Off Briefly. Internet Came Back On.

Long title. 

Strange. The power was on briefly. Ling enough to get candles out….. etc. When it came back on…. the internet started working BETTER. 

We have powered the box on and off all day. 

Tried to call but lines are down. 

Cell phone… Kept losing connection. 

Oh yeah : our Small window AC went out Friday. The kitchen gets up to 88 degrees without it on. Usually 82. The kitchen is at the opposite end of the house from where the thermostat is. 


2 weekends ago he was off…. No Internet at all. 

I am so thankful for our SERVER WITH MORE THAN 500 movies on it. 

The only thing I am really praying for is  Power and AC. Since we have both, I am good. 


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  1. That sucks…:( Do you mean that the power on/off has got something to do when Danny is off? 😜
    BTW, IN your 2nd paragraph, 3Rd sentence – I supposed you meant “long” right?

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