How to Make Homemade Cream of Anything Soup

How To Make Homemade Cream Of Anything Soup by Don’t Waste The Crumbs 

It is easy peasy to make homemade cream of soups. A quick and easy recipe for Homemade Mushroom Soup.

From Sarah:

Just more opinion : 
As far as potlucks go : may I never get to where I  go to a church or work potluck and have to worry about what is in the casseroles. Or anything else for that matter. I eat what looks good. Many the meats, side dishes and casseroles. 

I allow myself one desert. USUALLY.

I love understand if it is allergy related.

How often do you go to potlucks? One meal won’t hurt hurt most of us.

My casseroles don’t have cream of soup in them anyway. I seldom ever used them. But I have.

I still buy canned soup. For Danny. He likes them and I am not always awake when he wants soup. 

For him to fix me the few times I haven’t been up to making homemade soup. 


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