Not The Normal Way To Start The Day.

It’s almost 8:30 AM. Danny and I were out before the sun came up looking for a water leak. We knew it would be a good size one.There’d been enough time for it to come to the surface.

So we started looking again. We had already spent hours yesterday looking.

There are old water lines all over here. Here meaning the house, bunkhouse and a few old buildings near by. And in the cow pastures which use to have tomatoes in the them. Irrigated fields. A never ending mess.

We got lucky. After spending an hour around the house and bunkhouse and branching farther and farther out…..

We found it. 

Then Danny laughed. It couldn’t have been an easier fix.
Danny in his truck looking. This was after we had walked all over. 

A long pipe sticking out of the ground.

 Water coming out the end. Told you it was an easy fix.

Good. Because I was needing a shower. 

Mr. Fix It.

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  1. Chris White says:

    How did he fix it ….. roughly ?


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