Almost Noon – What I Have Accomplished… 

This is a continuation of the Make Over Your Morning Course. Days 1, 2 and 3. One  I did on Monday. Danny and I were busy or just enjoying his day off on Tuesday.  So I worked on all 3 today. 

 I got up this morning after Danny’s alarm went off at 6AM. I went to bed before Danny last night. Around 1 AM. ???? Not sure.  He came in much later.

Missed cuddling him.

He walked put the door at 6:45 AM. Mr. Bojangles and I watched him leave .

They are burning at the park right now. A prescribed burn. So I am listening to the radio more intensely.  

It is almost noon.

What have I accomplished this morning? 

Got up.


Normal / everyday morning duties.

 First 5 Bible Study – 1st Corinthians.
Fed and watered the cat and rabbit.Got Danny’s lunch ready. 

Got Danny off.

Made bed. 

Actually got dressed right away. I seldom do that.

Laundry: One load out if the dryer. It is in a basket on the bed. One load washed and in the dryer.

Straighten master bath and small bath.

Picking  up in the master bath. 

Little things. 

Soaking dishes. 

Played with Mr. Bojangles and Vittles.

Watched Make Over Your Mornings by Crystal Paine. Episodes 1, 2 and 3. 

Made copies of worksheets. Worked on them. More later. 

Philippians Bible Study by Time Warp Wife. 

I also made and ate breakfast. Not something I usually do.  Tummy usually says NO.

Spinach, tomatoes and eggs. 

I can’t handle drinking water most of the time.


So , watered down Gatorade.  2xs. 

One watered down tea. Still working on.

Both have sugar added.  Bummer. 

So far, 1 Diet Pepsi first thing. My second one .Very watered-down.  

Will toss the Diet Pepsi. 

Hungry. Green beans and butter.

I hate it when I get hungry early in the morning because I am hungry all day.

Put Danny’s leftovers away. Put green beans in containers. Froze some.

My little helper.
Dishes : Still not put up. Others are still soaking.

Oh well.

Me: Exhausted and I haven’t done much.


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