You Are Forgiven Bible Study Starts Today. Week 1 Day 1 –  Read And SOAP

Isaiah 59:1-5 – Sin, Confession and Redemption – Bible Gateway

We are starting our You Are Forgiven Bible Study today. THIS IS BY LOVE GOD GREATLY.
Monday’s Reading is listed here.  

Isaiah 59 : 1-5 

Read Isaiah 59: 1-5
Our first 2 verses to read.

Read verses 1-5.
 NIV version.  Feel free to read it in whatever version you choose. 

For me : 

 KJV. Always.  First and foremost.

 Then usually in NIV because  I am familiar with it. I also use my new Inspire LNT verson. 

Choose what is comfortable for you. I enjoy looking at different translations. 

Our SOAP verse for today is 

Isaiah : 59 : verse 2 

But feel free to SOAP your own.

You can do as much or as little as you want to. 

A bit of information: 

  • SOAPing And SOAKing Are the same thing. I am used to calling it SOAKing so I may mess up here.
  • Both Love God Greatly and Good Morning Girls use it in their Bible Studies. The only difference is the letter P  Or K.  
  • P is for Prayer
  • K is for Kneeling in Prayer.
  • I also know some of the 2 groups history. They use to be one group: Good Morning Girls. Love God Greatly broke away. Enough said.
  • I am only mentioning it because I have had emails from concerned individuals in both groups questioning why I study with each of them. 
  • Why not? They both have great STUFF. Good Bible Studies. Good people running them. I like them BOTH.
  • I will share from both .
    COURTNEY S video.

    I am sharing Women Living Well And Good Morning Girls information because for the past few years I have done their studies and I am a faithful follower.  My group and I work their studies.

    They ( My group) decided they also wanted to do  You Are Forgiven by Love God Greatly. 
    I pray this helps.  I shared more on Sunday’s You Are Forgiven Bible Study : Everything You Need Post.

    I pray this helps. 

    Let’s Walk With Our King.


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