An Autumn Pace, with Sarah (Lifegiving Home Series) —

Breathe In: Morning Quiet

It’s basic. It’s simple. It feels almost too obvious to write about, but if there is one foundational practice that has formed my life and is a core rhythm in the life of almost every person I respect, it is a commitment to morning devotion and quiet time. I’ve written before that some of my earliest memories involve waking daily to find my mom with her Bible and a cup of coffee in hand (thus beginning my love for both!). I followed in her footsteps,

When You Are Afraid to Share Your Writing

Still Standing: How to Find Hope…When You Don’t Get the Happy Ending is a series about one summer of caring for our sons we adopted who have mental health issues and behavior needs.

Along with our story, included will be Bible verses and creative journaling pages so you can follow along and spend time in God’s word writing and praying about your own faith experience.

Must Try Soups for Fall {Add them to Your Meal Plan Today!} – Creative Home Keeper

It’s that time of year when our homes start to feel warm and cozy.

It’s the time of year when time spent together as a family feels even more important.

And it’s the time of year when we start to think about our blessings and intentionally practice the spiritual discipline of gratitude.

Because I love fall so much and I am eager to help other embrace this season of Autumn Brilliance (as I like to call it), I wanted to share with you a few simple things you can do today to make your home feel like a warm & cozy fall haven.

NH Newborn Photography

? I just loved this newborn session! Sweet little Logan was the perfect little model and slept her entire session. Here are some of my favorites.

Mommy Monday ~ 3 Simple ways to stop letting pinterest control you.

I know that pinterest boards aren’t reality. But I also know that I can so easily find myself looking at all the perfectly decorated rooms, the delicious and healthy snacks that moms are making for their kids and the perfect bodies of moms who have just completed their 23rd triathlon, and it leaves me feeling messy,…

Hf #46: Making an idol of Your Home (and Homemaking) – Young Wife’s Guide

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the details of our house and managing our home because these are the small details we live in every single day. We focus on organizing our morning well and sending the kids outside so play so we can finally mop the kitchen. Then not even 30 minutes later, the kids troop through the kitchen in their muddy shoes and ruin all of our hard work, even though they were warned countless times to go in through the back door and take their shoes off outside.