Hello September. GOODBYE AUGUST.  Sarah’s Rambles …. What Is Coming Up. 


This starts my favorite  2 seasons.  Fall And Winter. I still don’t think of Florida when I think of cooler weather, pumpkins,  leaves changing, hoodies, candles and wonderful scents. 

Family Times 


Old Fashioned Holidays 

Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas. 

Danny and my birthdays. Our Anniversary. 


I get excited thinking about it.

Until, I am reminded of where we live.


No snow here.

The next 4 months are all about Making Our/ Your  Home A Haven.

As you know,  a favorite topic of mine. 

I have been doing a fall challenge with Women Living Well And Good Morning Girls for years now.
During September and October, I will post and write as many articles as I can on this subject. 

There is just so much to learn and discover. To make our home a Safe Haven.

 A place Danny wants to come home to. To forget, as much as he will let himself….park life. Hard to do when the work radio is always on and when you live where you work.

I work hard to make him glad to come home.

I am working hard to overcome All Of My Weeknesses. My petty griefs and complaints.  Even the larger ones.

I am trying to Overcome them. 


I have been working through Crystal Paine’s ( Money Making Momma.) Make Over Your Mornings And Make Over Your Evenings. I am in my second week of both. 

Jami Balmet from The Young Wife’s Guide And Homemaking Ministries has a FREE course called: Finding Joy In Your Home: Essential Habits For Christian Homemakers.  It is a 5 part video series.

The first one: Making Your Hone A Haven. 

I just finished the first video. WOW.

How could I not like it? 

Melissa Ringstaff  is doing a Mary/ Martha Challenge.  I have saved all of the emails for this month.

 With Melissa’s series I will be working through Sarah May’s  Mary/ Martha Series… Her book And Workbook.

https://youtu.be/cIQTIH3_49AI also have her Longing For Life Videos.

They All Fit My Agenda for the next few months. 

Ann Voskamp will be a huge part of my Advent /Christmas Season. 

So will Time Warp Wife and Titus 2. Darlene had a really good Christmas event….QUIETING YOUR HEART SERIES. 

This is from 2015.  

There are so many I want to share with you. 

Have I bitten off more than I can chew. Probably.  But maybe not. LOL.

All of these I can do a bit here and a bit there…Except for Advent.

So I should be good.

I thrive on having a lot to work 9n.

Notice, I haven’t mentioned any regular Bible Studies that I do.

Will they stop? No Way.

They are my bread. 

I have needed  to be BUSY.

I know,  most of you are overly busy. 

I  get that. Two years ago, I was busy as well. At the park. Every day. Busy here at Rolling Meadows Ranch. Physically busy. Now I am mentally busy and I feel so good.