Feeling Strange Not Being Able To Post.  Happy Sunday.  

Written Sunday morning.

I hate not having internet. What I really hate is not letting anyone know why I am not posting or not having anyway to contact you.

You can text me at 863-733-6632. Please DON’T CALL. I am NOT MUCH OF A PHONE PERSON. 

Those that message regularly,  I would love to hear from you. I know I have a lot of messages here needing to be answered. I have no way of contacting you right now. No phone numbers.

 Anyone can message me.
I had planned to go to the park last night but it was just too hot and humid. I just couldn’t do it. I am planning on going this afternoon/ evening. It’s Sunday and I have lots of things I need to get out for the coming week.

Yesterday,  Danny and I spent hours watching movies from our server. We have over 500 of them. His more than mine. LOL. 

He was watching them on his computer in his computer/ junk room.

I was watching them from the living room.
What’s funny is when he discovered we were watching the same movie.

Inherit The Wind.

The song: “Give Me That Old Time Religion” was played loudly all the way through it.

Spencer Tracy, Dick York and a great cast.

It’s about a teacher who got arrested for teaching Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution in the BIBLE BELT.

I also spent the day reading and doing Bible Studies. 

Have a wonderful Sunday. 

 Love Sarah

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