No Internet.  It Is Out. As In None. ZILCH! POOR DANNY. HE IS OFF THIS WEEKEND /Sarah’s Thoughts.

 Written Saturday Morning. 

September 10th.

We are use to slow internet. Snail slow. It’s not even coming to the box out. 

I am frustrated….

Danny is beyond frustrated….After being in Tallahassee.  Little to no Internet…..16 hour days…. He was ready to relax all weekend. …on the Internet. 

Then getting all errands done on Friday…Danny’s first day off in 2 weeks…we get home and shortly thereafter…..lose the internet.

We live in a world now where we depend on the Internet for almost everything. 

Just a few short years ago…..Danny and I did without it for 2 plus years. No TV reception either. 

We didn’t have it the first year and a half we were at Lake Kissimmee State Park. Or when we first moved to Rolling Meadows Ranch. 

We watched NASCAR at the Bio Trailer at the park or at Liar Lair, the bar across from the park. We didn’t watch any other TV. (Danny watches the news on his lunch break.)

Overall, we were too busy to really miss it. When we weren’t working 12-16 hours a day, we were driving all over the park. All night long sometimes.  Even watching the sun come up more than once, after being out. I do miss those days of hog hunting and just having fun. 

I’ve written before about that time period. I was a newly grieving mom. Danny and I were newlyweds. I was living in a new state. We were enjoying all that his being a park ranger meant.

So what is different now,  that we can’t enjoy our days without it? 

We aren’t in love with Lake Kissimmee State Park Or The Florida Park Service any more. Too many broken promises. 




We still use an alarm clock. Two actually. 

Yet, I have First 5 programed to light the screen at 5 AM.

It’s how I start my Bible Reading. I have a couple of Bible Apps. A few apps for Christians Ministries like Proverbs 31 Ministries,  If Gathering, . Love God Greatly.  

I read my Bible yet use different apps to enrich my studies.

I have books and ebooks on my smartphone.  Hundreds of them. Movie apps.  Pandora.  You Tube. On and on the list goes. 

Danny has  You Tube. He watches movies there. He also learns more about the things he is interested in. He spends hours watching train videos. Real ones and models sets. Plains. Wars. His list is huge. 

Hours and hours on YouTube. 

I have books here to read. Magazines to read. Danny doesn’t have that.

If he isn’t talking to me or in the train room. ….he is on the Internet. 

So why am I not reading a book? Why am I on here wishing we had Internet?  Because I am programmed to post on the blog…..all day long. I am mad at myself because I didn’t schedule a weeks worth of posts just in case the Internet goes out. 

I have this desire to hop on Facebook and catch up with everyone.  

I watch to post in my groups. 

None of this is life threatening if I don’t get it done.

It’s not even a “I have to post so I get paid” problem. I get very little income at this point.  My book reviews can wait a few days. 

My mind set is : I am missing stuff. 

My fingers are restless. My eyes are restless. My brain is restless.

I am bored. 

Why? The Internet is out.  Boo Hoo.

I can’t stop wishing it would cool off. 

Yet, even if it did, I am not up to long walks today. 

This ramble of mine is almost over. Did I say anything NEWS WORTHY? NOPE. 

I will probably post later about having no internet. LOL

Have a good weekend. 


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  1. Sometimes you just need to vent. You must have Internet again since this posted.
    My heart breaks for you and Danny for all the work you’ve put into the park service and the parks, and you cannot be adequately compensated for it. I wonder, have you talked to Bobby about how you feel? About maybe what you two should do? I know how much you loved him, what a living, caring, kind person he was. Maybe a chat will help ease your restlessness. Love and hugs

    1. I was at the park briefly Sunday. Posting as much as I could. Right now I am using Text Now from home. Sitting in the porch with the window open. It is hot out.

      1. You take what you can get, when you get it! Was it cooler today? Stay cool tomorrow!

    2. It breaks my heart seeing what the park service has done to Danny. He gives and gives. Or he was.

      1. That’s so sad for you guys,and shameful of the Park service. “Government funding, budget cuts” my left foot. Selfish suits who don’t know how it really goes. Seems like they want everyone to keep working until they are sick or dead, with little pay and benefits: insurance, days off, company ‘perks’. GRRR! You guys need better, and deserve better. All that work he’s done…shameful of them. {Hugs}

      1. I’m ok. Went back to work Monday and struggled but I made it. Super duper tired tonight. About to call it quits and crawl under the blanket! Hope you are feeling good 😄

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