How to Have Quiet Time When You Have Kids – Worshipful Living/ My Memories Of Quiet Times

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Sarah rambles. 
Worshipful Living : Quiet Time With Kids 

When is your quiet time if you have kids? 

When Bobby and his cousins were little I would have my quiet time at night after they finally went to sleep. 

Bobby and Leah….. oldest and youngest… were avid book readers and night owls when I let them. They were so much like me. Up as late as I allowed and they would sleep in late the next day.

Michael, on the other hand was up early and he would literally CRASH come 7 PM. He was very active.

 All were inquisitive. 

I read a lot with all 3 and made sure they each had their time one on one time with me. 

We would read before nap time.  Bobby didn’t take naps for long.  He would usually read quietly while the other 2 slept.  

That was quite time for me as well. I would read or write during this time. 

I wasn’t married so I didn’t have a husband to cook for or plan anything around.

It was easy for me in that way.  

I ran a home school/ daycare/ and before and after school program (With help) out of my home for years. 

For years I also taught elementary school. This was after my niece and nephew were back home with their mom. Bobby went to the same school I taught at. 

Bobby and I even shared some lunches when he was in elementary school. We would often walk to and from school together.  We really had it made. 

I went back to teaching out of my home again …when Bobby was older.

I loved it. 
I got off track. 

Anyway…. I made sure all of us got plenty of quiet time. Reading. Bible studies. Prayer time. 

Even watching Little House On The Prairie and The Waltons together. 

Always together. 

At night, when I was finally by myself…. I would often spend hours reading and studying my Bible.  Journaling. 

Reading books and writing. Listening to music as I did so. 

I was fortunate. .. I had a lot if quiet time.