Sarah’s Life : Past, Present And Future. What Was, Is And Will Be

Sarah’s Life: Past, Present and Future | What Was, Is And Will Be. The Original Sarah’s Life is on Facebook as a page and group. It is connected to Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Facebook Account and Blog here. It is where I will talk about my life in Illinois, Colorado and Florida. Daughter, Mom, Wife. Debbie to Sarah. Teacher to Volunteer. Living Without Bobby in a place I don’t want to be.

Lots and lots of photos. 

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  1. Belinda O says:

    I hope you are doing okay.

    1. I haven’t posted but I am in the middle of a huge lupus flair. I haven’t been as talkative as usual. Belinda, thank you for asking. I need to start commenting more. I read posts and like them but haven’t been writing anything personal.
      How have you been? Any plans for the weekend?

      1. Belinda O says:

        Sorry to hear that. Don’t worry about commenting if it takes away from more important things!! I’m working this weekend and waiting for the UPS guys to deliver all the stuff I’ve ordered for my new home! Yippee!

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