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Fresh Start On A Budget :

 Karissa has some great tips. 

 From Sarah :

Groceries : 

I work hard at saving what little money we have. I have a monthly grocery list. I add or take away from it as needed. It is pretty bare. Few extras. 

NOW WHILE I AM TRYING TO SAVE MONEY DANNY IS ON THE LOOSE. The last time he bought a generator. 



The state park has a generator for us to use if we need it. All the state houses have one. Danny wanted his own. 

He doesn’t usually purchase something that costly every month but his things add up and we don’t budget for them. I do in my head. I just know him. 

THE KITCHEN GETS HOT. 86 at times. Yes we have Central  Air in there but we have a huge house and it is on the far side. In the blazing sun.

I will splurge a bit (when I can) on Danny’s lunches, especially when he has late field in the summer. He doesn’t eat breakfast at home except when he is off. 

Fruits, yogurts,  jello and pudding. 

I wish he would eat fruit that wasn’t cut up.  

He enjoys the packages of fruits etc. I like buying bigger containers and putting them in smaller ones. 

He takes leftovers from the night before plus a  sandwich and a good size salad. 

 For years I would try and have 2 different meats every night because Danny liked the choices. You can imagine the cost.  2 meats for a dinner.  

He wanted steak. When he had steak he wanted shrimp. You get the picture. 
Who wouldn’t want STEAK AND  SHRIMP? 

Not the cheaper pieces of steak but ribeyes and porterhouse. 

Man am I craving that now.


With Shrimp.

I have finally broken him of the NEED for 2 meats every night. 

Occasionally I will add 2 meats to stir frys or we will have cheap steak and shrimp.

Christmas, birthdays and holidays I splurge as much as I can. I save up to do it. 

We don’t have cable. We get Netflix and Feelin. Feelin is for me. FREE HULU.

Internet : No I won’t get started with that. Although if we could PAY FOR FASTER SERVICE WE WOULD. We spend $65.00.
We pay $ 8.00  a month for a land line. Included in the price above.

Half the time it’s doesn’t work well. 

Danny still has Verizon for his cell phone. He pays $135.00 . A MONTH.

Don’t ask me why? He gets terrible service and for the most part….uses it for work. YEP… WORK. There is just something wrong with that.  He has texting and until lately seldom ever used it. 

He uses it to text me now.  Sometines. His brother texts him every so often. Not much. My family texts me on it if they need to. I would use it when I needed to. 

Danny doesn’t talk to anyone.  Except Park Staff and my family when they call.

Yes he has a flip phone. 

He bought a cheap tablet hoping to use it at the park for work. He couldn’t.  
I got fed up not having cell service. I often had to wait until Danny was home to call my dad. The land line goes out or has too much static most of the time. 

I decided I deserved a cell phone with service. For years I have had a smartphone without service. I used our Internet with it. I am not much of a phone person. I don’t call ANYONE but a few times a year. … except dad and my family. Even then, not often enough. I did miss texting Danny and my niece and nephews. Friends. 

I finally found TextNow. I started using the free service from this smartphone I use to do most everything online. I love it. As long as I have Internet , it works. 
Well, we don’t always have internet. We also live far enough out that phone service is iffy. Most days though, I can get it all through the house.

I signed up for PAID service. I spend less than $20.00 a month. I got another smartphone for under $10.00.

Samsung Prevail 2.
If I would have had the extra money I would have spent $ 70.00 on a Samsung Galaxy S5. The one I have is an S4.

For less than $100.00 I could have bought a S6..

So I am hoping to buy another plan for Danny and get me the S6 for Christmas. 

Yep, I want the better phone. 

I have checked.  Dad gets Sprint where he lives so the phone should work in Arizona when we get there.  Donna has great Internet in their house in Illinois. 

I have tried to cover all bases.

Not that we ever go anywhere.  The trip to Arizona in October was canceled.  Dad had to. Long story there.   

Danny can only use his phone in the kitchen

 -if he is lucky.

 By an open window- if he is lucky.

 Or outside , in the heat and humidity….


 Most of the time at the park, there are only  3 places he can usually use his phone. 3 places. We have thousands of acres. Maybe.
Why won’t he at least try something else?  

Danny is STUBBORN. 

He keeps asking me …. can you get service here.? YEP.


Did I say he was stubborn? 

I had it the last couple of times the Internet when out. 

He fussed and fummed. Did he try mine?

Granted, Internet service wasn’t great. You could check emails and get on Facebook. He does not do Facebook.

But I could do more than he could. 

Plus I had it when he went to Tallahassee.  We were able to text each other.  All day long.

I pay less than $30.00. A month. I get service outside. 


My rant over about the phone service and Danny. 

How often do we go out? Usually only once a month.  Before we go to Walmart for our monthly grocery run. 

We also go to tractor supply for cat and rabbit supplies. They are cheaper there than Walmart. 

We have a little country store just down the road from us. 

We both have to watch it there.  It’s where we go to get the few things that don’t last for a month. Milk. Salad fixings. 

It’s where I splurge and pick up ice cream. I went without for years. I try and only get it every once in awhile.

I don’t do well sometimes.

I buy the odd candy bar. I won’t keep any at home. No chocolate of any kind either.

Danny will decide he wants snacks and will get them.

It’s hard not buying what we want to. 


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    Danny has a smartphone. A good one.

  2. Krista Kemp says:

    You poor thing! Mine’s a lot like yours…not logical! LOL! I have 4 phones on my plan, 2 being smart phones (hubby and I have flip phones), and we have 3GB data-$145 a month. I could cut our data service down, just scared the kids will go over one month…😳. I cut corners everywhere I can as well, and coupon every chance I get. I’ve got our bills down to essentially basic needs. I finally got us caught up at tax season last year, after 3 years of struggling, then we opened our home to family for a few weeks, and here we are 10 months later, still supporting our loved ones, with 3 loans under our belt and bills SO high I sweat over them. Anxious to reclaim my home, and get these loans payed off! We would be shitting in tall cotton if we didn’t have them! Hoping to have our yard sale here in about 2 weeks. I have an attic full to unload. Once that’s out, I can focus on everything that’s IN the house. Not only will it make things easier when we go to move (applying for a home loan here in a few months), but I’ll be able to start my Christmas bank roll. SO ready to liberate myself from our over abundance of possessions! I do believe I will be happier once it’s all gone! Hope you’re having an amazing weekend! My step dad bought me a printer, and will be hand delivering it tomorrow, and my mama told me that he has another surprise “Just for me.” I’m SO excited!!! She said he came up with the idea all on his own! Knowing him, it’ll be amazing! Sleep tight sister! Love you!

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