Originally Posted On Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures On Facebook (January 12, 2013) The Story Of My 2 Names Debbie and Sarah.

I had a new follower ask about my name : Debbie Sue (Sarah) from the About Me Page… I I told her it was under Am I Debbie Or Am I Sarah? I went to look for it and couldn’t find it anywhere. I had another shorter post about it as well. The title would have been different. I can’t find it any where.
Brain Fog isn’t helping. LOL
Who knows where this post went to or where it is hiding?
So I went to Facebook and retrieved it from there.

This is the original note from Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures on Facebook. Written January 12, 2013.
A few things have changes since I wrote it….My mom is no longer with us….
I am posting it now as it is

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