5 Tools You Need For a Quiet Time ⋆ A Little R & R- (Sarah Writes About Finding Her Quiet Time.)



From Sarah : 

I am more fortunate than most when it comes to Quiet Time.

I don’t have much going on in my life. Neither of us have much of a life outside of the  Florida Park Service. I wish we did. 

I would give anything to have the kids and the grandkids.  The family obligations. Friends who depend on me. On us.

Saying all of that,  I still find it hard to find GOOD QUALITY QUIET TIME.

How can that be when I have the 8 plus hours to myself when Danny works?  Many of you don’t have an hour of free time a day. Many have less than that. 

When I don’t have anything really pressing to get done on any particular day?

Yet, I find it very hard to HAVE GOOD QUALITY STUDY TIME.

My mind races 24/7. It never slows down any more.  Never. 

Even when I find a book that I love, my mind is thinking of something else.

When I am watching a movie, my mind wonders to the kitchen and the floor I need to scrub. It’s hard to calm your mind when it constantly jumps from one thing to another.

I have be trying,  to have my first thoughts of the morning,  leaning  to Bible Study. First 5 helps there. The app is the first thing I see when I turn on the light in the living room as I walk to the kitchen in the morning.  It’s lit up on my phone. I pick up the phone and head to the kitchen. 

The distractions have already started. Mr. Bojangles BELIEVES that I need to STOP EVERYTHING AND  LOVE ON HIM. And I do. Gladly. 

Then I see his water dish needing water. Usually it has one of his Mow Mows in it. 


Then my eyes wonder over to the rabbit cage. Yet, Virttles needs water there. 

And so on it goes.

Normal every day stuff. 

Oops, the coffee pot isn’t on. 

Quiet time is forgotten for the moment.

Danny’s lunch gets packed. Ice bucket set there as well.

Time to wake Danny up since the alarm clock hasn’t done it’s job.

This goes on day after day after day. Easy compared to most families. 

Bible Study? FIRST 5 has yet to be read. But at least I haven’t got on Facebook or started reading my emails. That’s a good thing.  

Danny gets up and starts rambling.  Still going on and on about all of the injustices at the park. Nothing I haven’t already heard the night before. And so on. For 10 years I have heard the complaints.  I have said them myself.

Quiet Time: 

Life entrudes on it.

By the time I wave Danny away for the day,  the construction workers are already going past the house. A few radios can be heard. 

Quiet Time: 

It’s not even 7 AM yet. The NOISE has started.

My heart is beating fast. My body is sweaty due to another hot flash. Am I up to taking a shower?

I feel so tired. Mind, body and soul. 

My body needs to be refueled. Go and drink some watered down tea. My taste buds don’t care for water.
My body is saying it’s TIRED. GO BACK TO BED.

My mind needs Quiet Time. 

My soul needs Bible Study.

So I pray.  I pray that I can open my Bible and find some peace.

That my mind can be soothed. 

Praying that my mind slows down to let the words in. To let God in.

Quiet Time : 

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