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Simplified Organization : Get Dressed

Danny and I love to be comfortable at home.We love sleeping in and staying up late. We love lounging around in our night clothes.

When Danny is off he usually wears his t-shirt and colorful boxers all day. I often do as well.

Until recently, I did the same after he left for work. I didn’t GET DRESSED until shortly BEFORE he was due home.

I still have days like that. Too many.

More often anymore,  I change right after he leaves for work…or within the hour. I have always made our bed first thing. So I am being to get dressed then.

Will I be dressed well enough to go anywhere?  Except maybe to the park to pick up the mail and praying someone brings it to the truck. I USUALLY wear  a Bra when I leave the house. 

What do I wear? 

I have one pair of red cut off jogging pants. (I do not look good in shorts).

I have 2 pairs of gray jogging pants. One old and bleach spotted…I wear them with the tag in front and stains in the back.

I have one pair of blue jeans that fit me comfortably.  One that are too small.

Lots of work shirts that fit. 

Most are the same. 

A few t-shirts that are comfortable. 

Bobby shirts when I feel the need. Only a few.

A few other things.  Dressier a but not Dress shirts that I wear to town. Over and over again. 

So my choices are limited. Danny’s are as well. But he DOESN’T CARE ANYMORE.


I change clothes all day long. And still am never really dressed well. But I do try.

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